Most patients hospitalized with severe manifestations of monkeypox have HIV infection, according to research published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Andrew T. Simms, MD, and colleagues summarized findings from clinical consultations provided for 57 adult patients hospitalized with severe manifestations of monkeypox from August 10 to October 10, 2022. Dr. Simms and team found that 82% of patients had HIV infection, less than 10% of
whom were receiving ART prior to the monkeypox diagnosis. Almost all patients (95%) were men and most (68%) were non-Hispanic Black. Overall, 30% of patients required ICU-level care and 21% died. In five of the deaths, monkeypox was a cause of death or a contributing factor; six deaths are under investigation to determine whether monkeypox was causal or contributed to death, and in one case, monkeypox was ruled out as a causal or contributing factor. “The occurrence of severe manifestations of monkeypox in patients who were most commonly immunocompromised because of AIDS highlights the importance of engaging all persons with HIV in sustained care
and ending the HIV epidemic,” Dr. Simms and colleagues wrote.