The malar augmentation injection has become increasingly common in recent years; however, the precise placement of each injection site remains to be discovered. Locate safe injection sites by considering ligament, muscle, and vascular distributions. A total of 18 cadaver heads were dissected to study the zygomatic ligamentous system and take muscle position measurements. Around 66 cadaver skulls were scanned using computed tomography, and their blood vessels were reconstructed in 3 dimensions. Before and after injecting fillers into an experimental site on 1 hemiface and subsequently dissecting the area, the radiological examination was undertaken to ensure the fillers were safely delivered. Prospective clinical research involving 5 participants was initiated. Before and after the injections, 2D and 3D images were obtained for analysis. Site 1 was established along the zygomatic arch, excluding its anterior 1/4 and median sections. Site 2 was located on the zygomatic body, medial to the jungle, and above the level of the infraorbital foramen. Site 3 was determined to be in the midface region of the anteromedial side, roughly 30 mm medial to the lateral canthus. These 3 injection sites are all well inside the ligaments’ working range, allowing for safe and effective lifting with minimal risk of injury.