There are many particular kinds of regions in this world wherein the people are provided with the burden of contracting various problems and diseases on their own owing to the extraordinary environmental conditions which might prevail there. Therefore, in such situations, some regions top the list. These include the sub-Saharan regions of Africa. These areas are more prone to glomerular diseases with an enhanced amount of nephrotic syndrome. This has basically become the leading cause of chronic kidney diseases in these areas. There is hardly 2-8 % of the children in the population of 1,00,000 people in that region who might not have contracted any infection in the kidney. There have been recent studies from Nigeria which have recently documented high and increasing rates of steroid responsiveness. The various studies that have been conducted so far are able to bring forth that the high prevalence of glomerular disease due to peculiar environmental conditions is the main cause behind increasing the rate of occurrence of chronic kidney diseases. Further studies are being conducted in order to unravel the course of action to cure the menace.

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