As adults, patients with congenital urologic disorders have particular problems. Researchers evaluate the literature relevant to the adult reconstructive urologist faced with complicated surgical problems affecting patients with a history of hypospadias, spina bifida, and other genitourinary tract disorders. Urethral stricture illness is complicated, but with an anatomically focused approach, effective urethroplasty and penile curvature correction can be achieved. Multiple urine diversion methods can be explored in a patient-centered approach to bladder management in adults with spina bifida, although problems are prevalent, and revision operations are commonly necessary. Most surgical procedures in this group lack strong evidence, however, experiences provided by pediatric and adult urologists with genitourinary reconstructive training can assist build decision-making agreements.

Urologists who have received genitourinary reconstructive training may be specially qualified to care for transitional urology patients as they approach adolescence and adulthood.