There have been many issues that have been able to assess the disease activity and hence, an attempt is made to capture the damage in patients with systematic lupus erythematosus. These indices are frequently used in clinical trials in the best possible manner and therefore, an attempt is made to provide for evaluating the course of the unpredictable disease. The studies have been conducted in order to measure the side effects of these elements on the composition of indices. These are necessary to follow disease activity. There have been several indices that have developed in the last 30 years and hence, an attempt was made to understand this concept and focus on dealing with it. This was the reason that the disease was taken care of in the best possible manner. Therefore, the studies that have been conducted so far are able to report that 78 percent of the patients have been able to get infected by the disease. The assessment provided that the SLE in the last 5 years has been able to adopt a very ferocious role and hence, an attempt is made to accelerate this.

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