The most important attribute of a person in todays’ time is to assure that he or she would be able to enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep. The studies that have been conducted in order to measure the sleep quality states that they have assessed the sleep distributing imbalances which are causing different results in both, good and poor sleepers. In addition, there have been the PSOI measures adopted in order to jump over many conclusions. These measures have been the one wherein, the sleep latency and the sleep duration are calculated in addition to the parameters which include sleep medications and daytime dysfunction. Therefore, there have been 19 items so far in order to measure the scoring and indeed, at the same time provide for the subjective hours of sleep per night. It was revealed that on average the people are habituated to sleep for a duration of 8.7 weeks in a month and hence, sound sleep is likely to ensure the proper functioning of the body. Therefore, there have been positive results recorded so far and therefore, are likely to be helpful.

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