The management of the patients who are already undergoing treatment on various fronts including the ones like degenerative diseases of the spine requires a reliance to be placed on reliable sources. It has been discovered so far that the choice of conservative surgical therapy is the best applicable choice for the present year so far. This is because of the reason that people are relying these days on PROM therapy. The Oswestry disability index has been able to show some positive images and hence, at the same time, reliance has been placed onto the question that the people are provided with the best possible means. Measures like the Timed Up‐and‐Go (TUG) test and the motorized treadmill test (MTT) checks a patient’s objective functional impairment (OFI) and also gives a new dimension to the comprehensive patient evaluation. The index has been able to report a median value in the range of 45-50 million per cell. This showcases that the low back pain can be extensive and immense for the patients who had been suffering from this disease so far. This is because of the sole reason that the therapy is already known for having a rate of 41 percent and hence, it is efficient upto the mark.

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