There have been various instances in the medical industry wherein the health data has often been missing. This is having a very hazardous impact on the sample studies which are being conducted. The missing data in the samples are likely to affect the ultimate results. The ultimate results if done wrong due to incomplete information will have a very detrimental impact on the procedure of the circumstances. Therefore, in the end, what matters the most in such situations is to ensure that the National Health and Nutrition Exchange Survey which has been conducting the survey for long times now have been able to point out this problem and they have revealed that 57 percent of the people have been in the position to provide for the missing mechanism assumption using the imputation method and derived variables with the number of imputed datasets and diagnostic checks. Therefore, diagnostic checks and analysis and pooling of results and reporting the results. Therefore, in the end, there has been linked with the increasing incidents of hypertension and hence, there has been a growth rate of 85 percent in such situations. The results have showcased that the analysis of SAS has not been that positive and hence, there have reported incidents wherein the people have been trying to show their concern about the lack of data reporting and have suggested ways to cure the same.

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