There is an increase in the rate of the children who are being detained in these days on account of crimes they commit. Therefore, it is important to consider that how does juvenile detention affects these minds of the children who being adolescents have to undergo every possible type of torture. The children who commit a crime, are detained in juvenile centers and hence, assure that the people are able to send them not in the jails, but instead in the juvenile centers. These centers are made on the principles of rehabilitation and not on the basis of punishment. The aim of this is to reform them in the best possible manner. Therefore, what matters the most in such situations is that the people are able to ensure that the children who are under the age of 18 years are not given harsh treatment. However, the people must take care of the fact that despite it being cared for, the children will be undergoing through various mental tensions and assure that the people are able to treat them in a positive manner. This helps them to assure that they are provided with the treatment.  The best is to get them the mental relief and assure that the people are able to get the basic care and support to get themselves out of the situation.

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