The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has affected the lives of the people to such an extent that every individual and every institution is disintegrating. The health crisis has affected the population to such an extent that the front-line workers like the doctors, the policemen, the clinicians, nurses, etc are always under a constant fear of getting infected by this deadly virus. These statistics are making the current situation more worse. These people are already living a life of distress and hence, there is already evidence supporting theri suicides upon their failure to counter stress. The previous pandemic was able to report that nearly 70 percent of the physicians and 50 percent of the reporting staff was mentally upset and unstable due to the pandemic and health care crisis.

This statistics is enough for the authorities of the United States of America to realise that the situation hasn’t changed in these couple of years. The people who are risking their lives to save the people are mentally stressed. The main reasons of being stressed out during the pandemic are the various tensions which include the family obligations, the career prospects, the social obligations, etc. This stress can only be dealt with love, care and support. This love and care must come all the way from their friends, families, relatives, co-workers, teammates, etc.