The study was done to determine the extent to which published data support the safety and effectiveness of micro transplantation of hematopoietic cells in persons with AML and MDS, examine what clinical data are needed to conclude that micro transplantation is safe and effective, explore micro transplantation’s possible mechanisms of action, and determine whether this intervention is appropriately named.

PubMed as an online data source was searched from the year 1966 to 2020, with the search terms micro-transplantation AND leukemia AND/OR myelodysplastic syndrome with boolean operators. The search resulted in the identification of 14 records along with that there were also 11 additional records identified by screening published reviews. 15 records in total remained after comparing and identifying duplication, and 14 studies, at last, were included in the qualitative synthesis.

In the 14 studies that included a total of 600 patients. The AML included few heterogeneous persons and had obvious selection biases. The single randomized clinical trial also enrolled a few persons. Point estimates of outcomes in both settings had a wide 95% CIs.

This study concluded that there are no convincing data to date available on the safety or effectiveness of micro transplantation in persons with AML or MDS.