The main objective of this study is to show that Schizophrenia patients have uniquely raised the predominance of diabetes contrasted and everybody. In any case, the danger of mortality and diabetes-related difficulties among schizophrenia patients with co-happening diabetes is under study. This populace based, penchant score coordinated partner study distinguished 6991 patients with episode diabetes and prior schizophrenia and 68 682 patients with occurrence diabetes just somewhere in the range of 2001 and 2016 in Hong Kong utilizing a clinical record information base of public medical care administrations. Relationship among schizophrenia and all-cause mortality was inspected with a Cox corresponding dangers model. Impact of schizophrenia on first-year inconvenience events following diabetes conclusion and post-intricacy death rates were assessed. Schizophrenia was related to expanded all-cause mortality , especially among men and more seasoned age gatherings. Schizophrenia patients with diabetes had higher metabolic complexity rates. Schizophrenia patients with co-happening diabetes are at an expanded danger of abundance mortality, including post-complexity mortality. Therefore we conclude stating Further exploration recognizing powerful meditations is justified to streamline diabetes-related results in this weak populace.

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