Hidradenitis suppurative is one of the chronic inflammatory skin diseases which is caused with a predilection for the genital region. The Genital HS requires medical and surgical management in close association with a multidisciplinary team. The main observations that were recorded were the ones in which the disease of the hair follicles resulted in recurrent nodules and hence, an attempt was made to count the sinus tracts. In the population f 875 patients, it was revealed that nearly 74 percent of them were requiring clinical and laboratory monitoring over the course of treatment. When the lesions are refractory, they can include the impact of clinical interventions. In addition, there were always reported cases in which an attempt was made to ensure the completion of surgical procedure for providing the genital skin with an added nutrition of 5.22 mg/l. In addition, the effective management of the genital hidradenitis suppurativa requires a thorough restoration function and aesthetics. Hence, it was concluded that the effective management of the genital disease requires through surgical techniques, and hence, the prevention and treatment becomes very much effective in this very regard.

Ref art: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamasurgery/article-abstract/2769590