Immediate initiation of an IUD or IUS following TOP is associated with a significant reduction in another TOP risk. Even though minimum misconceptions exist about the method, they may contribute to the low uptake.

The researchers used an anonymous, self-administered questionnaire among women requesting a TOP in a hospital abortion service in Scotland, UK.

Misconceptions about intrauterine contraception sources included online social networking and micro-blogging service and existing research. This information was used to develop a questionnaire containing 12 negative statements about intrauterine contraception. Respondents indicated their level of agreement with each message.

A total of 106/125 women requesting a TOP completed the questionnaire. The two most familiar negative statements that respondents agreed with were that the IUD/IUS ‘Is painful to have inserted’ and that ‘It can move around inside your body’.

Although myths about intrauterine contraception persist among a small proportion of women requesting a TOP, the study concluded that a lack of knowledge about the method is also evident. The consultation before TOP is a crucial opportunity to provide accurate and quality information to women about the IUD/IUS that may increase uptake and prevent repeat abortions.