The instances of breast cancer are increasing with every possible day. There have been an increase in the occurrence and the incidence of breast cancer. The early-stage triple-negative breast cancer including anthracycline cyclophosphamide and taxane chemotherapy. The treatment of cancer is really very painful in the sense that it takes a toll on the health and the immunity of the person. Therefore, it is essential that the proper number of chemotherapies and nab-paclitaxel in addition to doxorubicin is available for treating the patients who have been affected by early-stage TNBC. The results of the studies have been included to have within themselves the fact that 700 mg of dosage in every two weeks of the abovestated medicines is likely to ensure better health and better recovery. This is likely to produce effective results in patients who have been diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. Therefore, in all patients with early-stage TNBC, neoadjuvant cancer, is a very acceptable form of treatment which helps in maintaining the required amount of safety profile.

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