For a study, researchers sought to understand that the original copy portrays the reasoning and plan of a randomized, controlled preliminary contrasting results and Warfarin versus Novel Oral Anticoagulant (NOAC) treatment in patients with new beginning atrial fibrillation after a cardiovascular medical procedure. New beginning atrial fibrillation normally happens after a heart medical procedure and is related to expanded paces of stroke and mortality. In nonsurgical patients with atrial fibrillation, NOACs had been displayed to give identical advantages for stroke counteraction with the less draining gamble and less dreary observing necessities contrasted and Warfarin. In any case, presently, NOAC use can’t be embraced broadly in heart medical procedure patients. The NEW-AF concentrate had been planned as a logical, imminent, randomized controlled preliminary that will look at monetary, comfort, and wellbeing results for patients with new beginning atrial fibrillation after the cardiovascular medical procedure that was treated with NOACs versus Warfarin Concentrate on results might add to upgrading the choices for stroke prevention in heart medical procedure patients and catalyze more far-reaching use of NOAC treatment in this understanding populace. The review was continuous and effectively selected at the hour of the distribution. The preliminary was enrolled with under enlistment number NCT03702582.