This study clearly depicts that the supraclavicular approach has been broadly embraced for cervical rib resection, a transaxillary approach has been supported by many. We have surveyed over twenty years of involvement in decompression of the thoracic outlet to treat thoracic outlet disorder (TOS) in patients with complete cervical ribs utilizing a novel transaxillary approach. A tentatively kept up with information base of patients going through a medical procedure for TOS was looked for patients with complete (class 3 and 4) cervical ribs from 1997 to 2019. This load of patients had gone through transaxillary resection utilizing a method wherein the cervical and first ribs were isolated and afterward independently resected. The information disconnected included patient socioeconomics, indications, careful subtleties, and intricacies. The results were contemporaneously surveyed clinically and utilizing normalized useful devices: physical agony scale (SPS) and Quick Disabilities of the Arm, Hand, and Shoulder poll (QuickDASH). The cervical rib information were coordinated and announced as per the Society for Vascular Surgery detailing guidelines. 

During the examination time frame, 1506 patients had gone through a medical procedure for TOS at our foundation. Of these 1506 patients, 38 had gone through complete transaxillary resection of 40 full fledged cervical ribs.

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