Medical professionals are at increased risk for developing illnesses due to their line of work. However, they have a distorted understanding of the risks associated with occupational exposures and their detrimental effects on health. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the usefulness of the institute’s recurring workshop on “Occupational Health Dangers and Immunization.” Before using the questionnaire to gauge the workshop’s success, researchers had it validated. The questionnaire was “key checked” by an expert. The difficulty index (p value), discrimination index (DI), distractor efficiency (DE), and reliability utilising Kuder-Richardson 20 coefficients (KR20) were utilised in a study of the one best item questions. Study participants’ test scores were evaluated both before and after the intervention. An average normalized increase across classes was used to assess the success of the workshop. With a mean DE of 73.81 ± 22.46%, the difficulty level (60.35 ±  9.46%) and discriminating power (0.75 ± 0.17) of the 14 item 1-best questions were satisfactory. With a KR20 value of 0.90, the reliability of the test was determined to be excellent. There was a significant increase between pre- and post-test mean scores (6.47 ± 3.38 and 13.69 ± 1.51, respectively). As a whole, the class averaged a gain of 0.84 standard deviations. Healthcare practitioners’ understanding of workplace safety measures was greatly bolstered by the Occupational Health Hazards and Immunization session. The questionnaire was determined to be valid and reliable. Due to a lack of background knowledge, frequent execution of such training is urgently required.