There is an important tension for the medical industry these days. The most important research which they needed to carry is still pending. In sense, that the deadly disease like cancer is still able to take a toll over the lives of the people to the maximum possible extent. Despite so many years of being devoted to its research, there are still cases wherein it becomes difficult to cure the person. Therefore, one of the most important points which should be taken into accord is the fact that radium 223 is effective in reducing the pain and also is able to improve the disease-related quality of life. Therefore, it becomes important to realize that people these days rely on this medicine in the best possible manner in order to ensure that the patient gets cured. The side effects of this therapy are also very less. There are also chances wherein the effects of chemotherapy are enhanced and hence, the chances of survival for those patients who have already consumed radium are higher as compared to those people who have not consumed.

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