The most neglected area of rheumatology has been the assessment of gout. This has been because of the typical outcomes that were produced so far in recent history. The first problem which arose in this regard has been the fact that the GAQ which is a 31-item questionnaire is known for collecting information about the impact of gout and hence, an attempt is made to underscore the economic data which is associated with this. In the year 2015 an attempt was made by the European medical council that the people have been provided with the worst possible opportunity and hence, that median range of the positive outcomes that had merely 5.4 on a scale of 10. This was practically less than 50 percent of the probability to be successful. Therefore, in an attempt to underscore the importance, it is equally important to learn that the techniques applied in this stance cannot be useful in providing for the same. The main motive in this regard has been the fact that the people are provided with the best possible opportunity to get the best rolling. Therefore, an effort must be waged in the best possible manner.

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