The pandemic of COVID-19 has affected the lives of so many people. Not only the fragile patients have been infected, other types of patients who are otherwise healthy are also affected by the pandemic and the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. However, the persons who are currently facing the risk of liver transplantations are at an increased risk of 45 percent. In addition to the risk which is already being posed by the transplantation process, the COVID-19 virus is enhancing the rate of fatality for them. Data was collected keeping in mind the population of nearly 879 people who were aged below the age of 18 years and above the years of 18 years as well. It was discovered that nearly 78 percent of the patients had been the ones who had already undergone through the process of liver transaction and hence, they were more likely to die as compared to the other portion of the population. It was discovered that in addition to liver transplantation, other factors like increasing age and other ailments were responsible for fastening the death rate in the patients who were down with the novel coronavirus.

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