This study was conducted to analyse the Outcomes in Participants with Renal Impairment from a Phase 3 Clinical Trial for Ceftolozane/Tazobactam Treatment of Nosocomial Pneumonia (ASPECT-NP). Human-mimicked unbound plasma centralizations of I/R at 1.25 g each 6 (h), colistin at 360 mg every day, and amikacin at 25 mg/kg day by day were recreated alone and in combination against six imipenem-nonsusceptible P. aeruginosa isolates in an in vitro pharmacodynamic model over 24 h. Participants were categorized by their baseline renal function as follows: normal renal function (NRF; creatinine clearance [CLCR], ≥80 ml/min), mild RI (CLCR, >50 to <80 ml/min), moderate RI (CLCR, ≥30 to ≤50 ml/min), and severe RI (CLCR, ≥15 to <30 ml/min). As a result we can say that, rates of clinical cure in the ITT population for the C/T arm versus the meropenem arm were 58.1% versus 58.5% (NRF), 54.9% versus 45.5% (mild RI), 37.1% versus 42.3% (moderate RI), and 41.2% versus 47.6% (severe RI).

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