There is an enhanced need of extra corporeal membrane oxygenation which plays a vital role in providing for risk management in the best possible manner. This is because of the reason that there have been many benefits that have been conducted as of now to measure the patients in whom such effects could be seen. There have been many studies conducted so far in order to measure this point. The study was conducted using the cardiac prone population of the day which is basically prevalent in order to measure the content of septic shock and at the same time, provide for the fact that the population would be based around the areas of ECMO especially of the United States of America. It was observed that out of the 243 patients which were taken so far, 32 were able to meet the criteria of septic shock over the duration of a 7-year long period. The median time on ECMO was 5.8 days and the survival to hospital discharge was 13 out of 32 whereas the median survival was merely pegged at 5.2 days. In addition, there was no significant result so available.

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