This study states that the Tainted femoral corridor pseudoaneurysms (IFAPs) are a known complexity of illegal intravenous medication infusion. As the narcotic emergency in our nation keeps on declining, we will probably see more IFAPs and calculations for the executives of these patients should be clarified. The point of this investigation was to depict the careful administration and results of patients giving IFAPs treated with femoral course ligation. This is a solitary community, review investigation of continuous patients introducing to our organization with IFAPs related with unlawful medication infusion somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2017 and treated with essential ligation. Essential end focuses included major unfavorable appendage occasions (MALE) and demise. Pattern socioeconomics, clinical highlights, and long haul results were recorded. 

Over the examination time frame, 60 IFAPs were dealt with blood vessel ligation in 58 patients. 52% of patients went through normal femoral conduit ligation, 30% of patients went through a triple (ligation of the normal femoral supply route, profunda femoris vein, and shallow femoral course), and 18% of patients went through ligation of the shallow femoral corridor as it were. The normal postoperative lower leg brachial record was 0.47.

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