Parents are generally receptive to computer-assisted management of children with respiratory illnesses in the ED, though some expressed concerns, according to a study published in Academic Pediatrics. Sriram Ramgopal, MD, and colleagues conducted an analysis that included survey results from 1,620 parents with minor children in their homes. Most respondents were comfortable with the use of computer programs to determine the need for antibiotics (77.6%) or bloodwork (76.5%) and to interpret radiographs (77.5%). Black, nonHispanic parents reported greater discomfort
with artificial intelligence (AI) versus White nonHispanic parents (OR, 1.67), as did parents aged 18-25 versus parents aged 46 or older (OR, 2.48). The greatest perceived benefits of AI were finding something a human would miss (64.2%) and obtaining a more rapid diagnosis (59.6%). Diagnostic errors (63.0%) and recommending incorrect treatment (58.9%) were the greatest points of concern.