To build and settle on desirable award requirements and the relative weight of an optimal sustained framework arrangement in the field of public procurement for vaccines in Spain. was the objective of this study. In order to assess the award requirements that should be considered and their particular weight for the public procurement of regular and seasonal influenza vaccines in view of their legal feasibility, a multidisciplinary committee of 6 health practitioners and administrators has created a partial multi-criteria decision analysis. In comparison with the ideal system, the actual condition was evaluated by 118 tender requirements. Price for both routine and flu is the dominant criterion in the public procurement of vaccines. Ideally for regular vaccinations, 22 conditions should be considered, grouped and weighted into five areas: effectiveness, economic considerations, characteristics, type and package appearance, and others.

The most significant parameter was pricing, followed by efficiency and composition/formulation by parameters. 20 requirements were chosen, categorised and assessed with respect to influenza vaccines: effectiveness, economic considerations, vaccinal features, the format of submission and packaging, and others.

In an optimal and sustainable contract arrangement for the public procurement of vaccines, technical award requirements should, contrary to the current approach, triumph over economic criteria.