The patients who are already suffering from deadly diseases like Rheumatology are in the position to get themselves treated after undergoing a treatment which has been specially designed for this purpose. The treatment is monitored with the help of various factors which include the optimum oxegenation levels in the body. This ensures that the PROMs are being used in the best possible manner in order to calculate the amount of complexity of the cases. In addition, there are increasing instances wherein the results denote 5 and 1.5 percent of the  symtoms of this disease are reported in the adults and the young people. The patient’s protection and affordable care act of 2010 have been able to regulate the process of the abovementioned process. Therefore, the most important consideration in this regard is that this PROm is used worldwide  and hence, the countries have ranked this treatment by an average mark of 11 on the scale of 20. This has played a very determinative role and hence, it largely relied on by the patients to cure themselves in the best possible manner. The efficiency of this treatment has been increased by 10 percent since its inception.

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