Evaluating the cancer survivors and understanding their experience and journey of enrolling into Cancer Clinical Trial and how a physician helped them decide.


For any patient, their consulting physician is one person they positively lookup. Patients trust their doctors, sources like the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and other cancer professional societies. Almost 73% of the physicians were provided details on Cancer Clinical Trial(CCT) by their physician.

The patients who exclusively rely on their physician and do not examine other sources are around 6%. 35% of people depend on the physician and other sources for health information.


The involvement of a physician in explaining the process of CCT helps the Patient in deciding on going forward with it. Although every Patient is guided and explained the CCT process, only 3-5% decide to go ahead with it. Patients now also prefer to do their research of CCT by relying on their physician and looking for other outside sources for more insights. 

Additionally, more than 90% of patients who participated in the CCT trial were treated with dignity, respect, and appropriate care.