This research aimed to determine whether PROs (patient-reported outcome measures) should be utilized with HIV-positive individuals (PLHIV). To assist in deciding which assertions ought to be substantiated by evidence, a scientific group made up of experts in the technique of PROMs offered their suggestions. Findings about the coverage, applicability, and psychometric features of PROMs in PLHIV were discovered after an exhaustive evaluation of the relevant literature was conducted. In addition, a Delphi survey was conducted to determine whether or not a panel of doctors who are actively practicing their profession and a panel of patient representatives are in general agreement with one another. Even though the Delphi process produced four overarching concepts and ten ideas, it also brought to substantial light disputes both within the collectives and between the perspectives of health professionals and PLHIV. Even though PROMs are effective in improving HIV care, several obstacles still impede medical practitioners from using them on a large scale. It is impossible to deliver treatment centered on the patient until such barriers are removed.