This week The Onco’Zine Brief comes from Chicago, Illinois and the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) being held May 31 – June 4, 2019. In this episode Peter Hofland talks with a Eugene Luskin, Chief Executive Officer of Redmond, Washington-based Vyrty.

As part of a growing push to let patients control and manage their own medical history, Luskin’s Vyrty has launched a mobile app called Sync.MD that is designed by healthcare professionals to lets users – patients – store and share their own medical records with doctors. The app is a Personal Health Records (PHR-) system operated directly on behalf of and by patients, making them the real guardians of their health data.

As the custodian of their own healthcare information, patients can keep all their health data in one place and easily share it with health professionals to streamline registrations, referrals, and coordinated care. For patients, it takes just seconds to sync with any computer in a fully secure and encrypted process.

For healthcare professionals, Sync.MD makes it easy to share data and information in real-time (as required by HIPAA) with anyone involved in providing or assisting their your patient’s healthcare needs

The web-based interface grantees easy accessing, uploading, or downloading of documents and does no require the installation of complex software. The system is also easier and more affordable than large electronic health records (EHR) systems developed by the likes of Epic Systems, Cerner and Allscripts.

With multiple challenges in accessing and sharing data via legacy EHR-system as a result of remaining interoperability problems, Sync.MD-developers have created an easy to integrated, and low-costs, system designed to benefit both patients and doctors.