The patients who have already ahs the splenectomy have a lifelong risk of overwhelming post-splenectomy infection. This is one of the most deadly and fatal conditions which is prevalent in the present times, therefore, an attempt was made to ensure that the surgeons must be known of the rationale of vaccination in the presence of this disease. This will be helpful in curing the persons in the minimum possible time. The observations were linked with the fact that in January 1, 1990 and 31 December 2019, the data was retrieved using the MEDLINE and Pub Med. this was very evident that the asplenia yields an impairment of both the innate and adaptive immunity. This was known for increasing the risk of severe encapsulated bacterial infections. The current studies reveal that in this condition the immune of the body’s ability to decrease by 45 percent and hence, the chances of death are known to increase by an average of 85 percent. Hence, this showed that there is an increasing need to provide for the best possible treatment and hence, at the same time an attempt is made to solve the position in the minimum possible time. The vaccine must be given in the prescribed motion.

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