Hodgkin lymphoma is another condition which has made humans suffer from ages. The most common way to treat in the early stages is by Combined-modality treatment. It basically consists of chemotherapy and consolidation radiotherapy. Radiotherapy when used for long terms could have long-term sequelae. This is a matter of concern as such types of Hodgkin lymphoma is basically diagnosed in young people. Most of them have a median age approximately that of 30 and hence this is a matter of concern. In this trial,  stress was given over the possibility of omitting radiotherapy without efficacy.

Over 1100 patients came to perform the trial. There was a division of two groups in the given number. After  46·2 months 5-year progression-free survival was 97·3%. In the standard combined modality and it was 95·1% in the PET4-guided treatment group. The group in between has a difference of 2.2%. 

After treatment with 2+2 chemotherapy the patients who were taken to the new method or to be precise, was given PET4-negativity at the very beginning and early stage of unfavourable Hodgkin lymphoma were found to be efficient with omission of consolidation radiotherapy without any particular loss of the patients efficacy clinically.