The lack of physical activity can be a significant promoter of dementia, especially in patients with cardiometabolic disease. The objective of this study is to evaluate the risk of dementia in patients with cardiometabolic disease and no physical activity.

This is a meta-analysis of 19 prospective observational cohort studies. The analysis included a total of 404,840 participants with or without a cardiometabolic disease, who were free of dementia, and had a measurement of significant physical inactivity. The primary outcome was the incidence of dementia, and the secondary outcome was the incidence of other diseases, like cardiovascular disease.

Out of 404,840 participants with no physical activity, a total of 2,044 incident cases of all-cause dementia were discovered. Further subanalysis indicated that physical inactivity was primarily linked with Alzheimer’s disease (n=1,602). Physical inactivity was also closely associated with the increased risk of diabetes (HR 1.42), coronary heart disease (1.24), and stroke (1.16). However, the researchers found a similar impact on participants with cardiometabolic disease.

The research concluded that physical inactivity was positively linked to the increased risk of all-cause dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. However, similar results were found in participants with and without the cardiometabolic disease, thereby indicating the negative association of the cardiometabolic disease with dementia and physical activity.