Coronavirus disease-19 (COVID 19) has caused pain and death worldwide as a direct result of the severity of the illness and the aftereffects it has created. The use of corticosteroids was one of the first treatments doctors prescribed to patients suffering from the symptoms of cytokine syndrome so that they might break out of their downward spiral. However, the overuse of steroids has led to opportunistic infections, which can wreak havoc even in people who have been healed of their condition. The prevalence of rhinomaxillary mucormycosis, which has been associated with COVID, has skyrocketed in recent years, creating the impression that it is an endemic disease occurring amid a pandemic. This body of work explores the example of a patient who had recovered from a chronic ocular viral infection and displayed symptoms on both sides of their face. COVID is an acronym that stands for chronic ocular viral infection. When diagnosing and treating rhinomaxillary mucormycosis, it is essential to take one’s time and use sound judgment, particularly in cases when the infection has migrated to other parts of the head, such as the brain, orbits, or maxilla. Imaging, intraoperative evaluation with extreme caution, and intensive medical and surgical treatment are all necessary components of necessary care. Researchers looked at a very unusual case of bilateral post-COVID mucormycosis that affected a number of places for the purpose of this investigation.