The fusion surgeries of the spine are being performed in order to correct the deformity of the joints by restricting the motion between two or more vertebrae that are unstable. The pedicle screw has the capacity to provide the proper force to the segment of the unstable spine in order to arrest the motions of the fused units. The main purpose of this study is to predict the amount of pullout strength of a pedicle screw. A data set of 48 data points has been used as experimental training data in order to construct a model based on machines with different learning algorithms. Assam off five algorithms had been tested and the performance has been evaluated based on the correlation coefficient and error matrix.

The result showed the collateral coefficient was 0.96 and the error matrix was 0.28. Therefore, the model can be used to understand the failure of a pedicle screw pullout and spine surgeon’s pre-surgical planning. However, this study does not give the ultimate resolution. Therefore more research works need to be conducted in order to measure the model of pullout strength of the pedicle screw during fusion surgeries of the spring.