In the period of proficient worth based medical services, activities to lessen medical services costs while safeguarding quality patient consideration are profoundly fulfilling. Negligibly obtrusive medical procedure has been considered as one of the novel ways for improving the productivity of medical care by offering a more limited clinic stay and a smooth recuperation regardless of selection of frequently costly and creative technologies.1,2 This idea has been appeared in mechanical revolutionary prostatectomy (RRP) writing, as a far reaching standard of care for insignificantly intrusive careful administration of confined prostate malignant growth. With similar oncologic and practical results, critical points of interest as far as postoperative recuperation boundaries have been appeared in randomized trials.3,4 A Cochrane efficient audit and meta-examination of information likewise detailed a huge more limited emergency clinic stay with RRP contrasted and open procedure (1.55 versus 3.27 days; Δ: −1.72, 95% CI: −2.19 to −1.25).5  As of late, the security and possibility of outpatient mechanical prostatectomy have been appeared in chosen patients.6–8 These examinations have shown that in any event patients with negligible comorbidities or the individuals who went through a less muddled technique (e.g., prohibition of lymph hub analyzation) can be considered as expected contender for mobile automated prostatectomy with a normal clinic

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