There are an increasing number of chances that are being studied in these times in order to measure the side effects on the older patients due to the increasing incidence of the diseases. These diseases are basically linked with falls and fractures and hence, the aggravated forms of respiratory complications. This is because of the reason that the immunity of the body decreasing by 2 percent with every passing year as this has been shown in various studies that have been conducted by the American Center of Medical care. There were studies conducted in the population of 487 older people and it was revealed that their bone density and lung carriage capacity was severely affected with the passing age and hance, it was thought that the people are provided with the best possible care in this regard. The people were in the position to ensure that their lung carrying capacity was linked at around 45 pounds per lbs. This was linked with an increasing amount of enzymes which were decreasing the efficiency of the lungs in the worst manner.

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