The current study is a retrospective study and examines prostatic abscess cases treated by either one or more of the different modalities. We assess and compare presentation, diagnosis, management, and outcomes of the prostatic abscess, and we compare the results of the three management modalities.

We retrieved all patients’ records admitted to the Urology department at Al Wakra hospital with the CT diagnosis of prostatic abscess. Data collected included demographic, clinical, laboratory, imaging findings, management modality, hospital stay duration, duration of follow-up, outcome, and recurrence.

A total of nine patients had conservative treatment only; eight had TUD, and six had TRUS needle aspiration. The overall mean hospital stay was 8.45 days. We observed no recurrences for patients treated conservatively or those who undertook TUD, but three patient recurrences were noted in TRUS aspiration patients. There was no mortality across the sample.

Early diagnosis of the prostatic abscess and prompt management may have decreased morbidity and mortality. Conservative government can succeed in subcentimeter pimples, but TUD is the definitive therapy for the large and multiloculated spots. TRUS aspiration does have a role in treatment, but it has higher recurrence and more extended hospital stay.