For a study, researchers sought to assess the prevalence of pressure injuries (PIs) in patients in the coronary care unit (CCU), the features of PIs, and the risk factors connected with them.

The medical records of patients were examined retrospectively by investigators. The study’s eligibility criteria were satisfied by a total of 820 patients who were admitted to the CCU between January 2018 and December 2020. The research comprised 200 patients who had PIs after being admitted to the CCU. In addition to 5 PI risk variables—patient characteristics, duration of stay, intrinsic factors, and care factors, including medical equipment and vasopressor agents—this study also looked at the clinical characteristics of PIs.

Patients in the CCU experienced PIs at a rate of 24.4%. 79.5% of these injuries were already in stage 2 or above at the time of initial detection. According to the findings, there was a strong relationship between hemoglobin level and PI stage. They also discovered links between the use of medical equipment (such as arterial catheters, oxygen tubes, and Levin tubes) and the beginning of PI.

In the CCU, critically sick patients use various medical equipment for lengthy periods with negative outcomes. In addition, there were several risk factors that might impact PI. Therefore, it was imperative that PI prevention and early detection techniques be implemented for patients in the CCU.