Patients with CRSwNP have a high risk of disease recurrence and revision surgery. The ability to predict a polyp recurrence in this patient population is critical to adequately tailored postoperative management.

We aim to explore the role of appropriate postoperative care in the prognosis of CRSwNP patients concerning preoperative eosinophil and basophil levels.

This was a retrospective case series; data were collected for 102 CRSwNP patients over 15 months after surgery. Baseline eosinophil and basophil levels were compared between patients with and without polyp recurrences. The analysis was then stratified based on clinical diagnosis, comorbidities, a single versus multiple episodes of sinonasal polyp recurrences, and medication adherence.

One hundred two included patients, 65 of the patients experienced no recurrences, 26 experienced a single episode of reproduction, and 11 experienced multiple recurrences. The mean baseline eosinophil count and percentage of total white blood cells were significantly higher in the numerous repeats than the no recurrences group. 

The study concluded that patients with multiple recurrences of nasal polyps had significantly higher baseline eosinophil counts and significantly higher medication adherence compared to single exacerbations of nasal polyps.