Antibodies are excellent alternative weapons for combating Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) infections, particularly multidrug-resistant PA. To address the critical need for an anti-PA antibody medication, researchers postulated that anti-PA intravenous immunoglobulins may be a viable option. Exotoxin A (ETA) is a crucial target for the development of immunological treatments and is one of the most essential variables in PA infection. A total of 320 sera were obtained from healthy individuals for this investigation. A Luminex-based test was used to assess the concentration of ETA-specific antibodies, which were subsequently purified using affinity chromatography.

In vitro, pure IgGs were able to counteract the cytotoxicity of ETA. They exhibited a preventive and therapeutic protective impact in PA pneumonia and ETA toxemia models, according to the findings. Furthermore, injection of nonspecific IgGs offered some protection. Our findings contribute to the evidence for IVIG-based therapy of infections caused by multidrug-resistant PA and suggest that individuals at high risk of PA pneumonia might be treated prophylactically with anti-ETA IgGs or even nonspecific IgGs.