The people who have diagnosed with cancer cannot use radiotherapy and chemotherapy as a straitjacket solution to cure their cancer in kidneys. The requirement of the treatment varies with changing needs and wants. In other words, the size of the tumor and the stage of the cancer is equally important to ensure that the treatment is accorded in accordance. Twenty percent of the patients with non-small cell lung cancer present with stage III locally advanced disease. Therefore, for treating this type of virus, the persons are expected to ensure that they are treated with pencil beam scanning protons. Therefore, there are results that are acting as evidence to ensure that people are still acting in the best possible manner. Therefore, it is most probable to cure this treatment in the best possible manner. They help in protecting the number of protons and hence help in fighting the disease. Therefore, patients must be carefully selected. Considerable, dose reductions to the lung. The specific organs which should be ideally taken care of are lymphopenia related organs. This therapy has been conducted in around 5000 people so far, resulted have been very specific to around 70 percent of the population getting cured.

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