There is a considerable increase in psychology research being conducted on abortion. However unfortunately there has been no study of the history of psychological knowledge production on the topic. The main purpose of conducting this research was to analyze journal articles published in English language psychology journals using a politics of location and of representation analytical lens.

A systematic search was conducted for articles published on abortion in psychology journals. A mixed-method approach was used for the purpose to analyze the dataset. Articles were coded according to a decade of publication, region, types of research conducted, and main issues focused on. A narrative review of the dominant issue researched.

The existing research that is available is in the form of quantitative studies conducted in North America and Europe concerning the demarcation of the psychological consequences of abortion performed under safe conditions. Only one article, emanating from South Africa, addressed the question of unsafe abortion.

The study concluded through its findings that knowledge production in psychology needs to move beyond a narrow focus on the psychological consequences of abortion and attitudes to abortion.