For a study, researchers sought to investigate the availability of Palliative care (PC) services in nursing home (NHs) with differing populations of Black and Hispanic citizens (aged 65+). A nationally representative sample of NHs was polled for a cross-sectional study. The survey discovered NH PC services (summative score 0 to 100). The survey was connected to Minimum Data Set 3.0, the Master Beneficiary Summary File (NH resident characteristics), and data from Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting (NH facility characteristics). Weighted descriptive data for PC services and NH facility-level linear multivariate regressions were constructed and adjusted for the number of Medicaid residents and rurality. All models were classified according to census area. NHs were classified based on the proportion of the Black and Hispanic population (<3, 3-10%, >10%), and all models were stratified by census area.

The sample included 869 NHs (weighted n=15,020) from around the country who completed the survey (49% response rate). When compared to other regions, NHs in the South supplied fewer PC services. NHs in the Northeast and West with larger numbers of Black people supplied considerably fewer PC services in adjusted analyses. NHs in the West with a greater Hispanic population supplied much fewer PC services. They found substantial disparities in NH PC with larger numbers of Black and Hispanic inhabitants and by area.