This research states that In men with repeat of prostate malignant growth post radiation treatment, further therapy stays a test. The default rescue alternative of androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) has unfavorable impacts. Then again, chose men might be offered rescue treatment to the prostate. In this, we present long haul oncological results of two entire organ removal methods, cryotherapy (sCT) and focused energy centered ultrasound (sHIFU). Men going through sCT (1995–2004) and sHIFU (2006–2018) at Western University were distinguished. Oncological endpoints included biochemical repeat (BCR), ADT inception, metastases, emasculation opposition (CRPC), and prostate malignancy explicit mortality (PCSM). Endurance investigation with contending dangers of mortality was performed. Multivariable investigation was performed utilizing Fine and Gray relapse. In spite of the fact that sHIFU had higher BCR and CRPC rates, there were no distinctions in PCSM when contrasted and sCT. The drawn outcome concludes that  oncological information on two removal methods featured that lone half of patients began ADT following 10-year development.

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