The disease of colon cancer is very much fatal and hence, they are studies which show that the people who have been a victim of this deadly disease, are known for providing with the radiodensity and hence, that is actually causing a greater cause of worry for these patients. The studies reveal that out of 54,000 patients, nearly 87 percent were the ones who had to lose their lives due to this and hence, at the same time, the results highlighted that the colon surgery was also linked with low muscle mass and low muscle radiodensity. The finding of the study also revealed that the cohort study which contained patients undergoing the colon resection radiographically was known for assessing the low skeletal muscle index and low skeletal muscle radiodensity levels were associated with greater risk of postoperative complications and mortality. The muscle mass was at least reduced by an average of 45 million per part. This was also an aggravating factor for decreasing the efficiency of the persons. The risks of postoperative morbidity and its subsequent economic burden were borne by these patients in a very aggravated form.

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