In cystic fibrosis, the major cause of morbidity and mortality is a lung disease that is actually characterized by inflammation and infection. The influence of sphingolipid metabolism is poorly understood with a lack of studies using human airway model systems. There have been other objects as well wherein an attempt has been made to establish the correlation between these two elements which includes both inflammation and infection. The results concluded that the sphingolipids were able to measure themselves using the mass spectrometry in fully differentiated cultures of the primary human airway which the cells which are in the shape of cilia. The effects of treatment with recombinant human acid ceramidase on the profile have been too much and hence, at the same time, an attempt was made to understand the mediator production and hence, an attempt was made to assess the cell cultures and murine models. This was found the content of ceramide was basically linked to inflammatory mediator production which was assessed in cell cultures. The ratio was optimized in the proportion of 0.15 to 0.78 um. This is the ideal ratio for bringing in apt results.

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