The people after the outbreak of the pandemic of the coronavirus have been in the position to understand that whatever is reported is not always the case. Therefore, at times, it becomes essential to look at the bigger picture which might not be visible to the persons in one go. Therefore, in the recent trials conducted on the people to record the data of all those who were already suffering from chronic kidney diseases, it was expected that the 500 people which came forward to get their data recorded, were the ones who dared to come in front for getting their data registered. This is in sharp contrast to those patients who are still not in the position to get their data recorded. Therefore, these cases go unnoticed. As per the recent studies, there are about 5000 cases in which the people for letting themselves go unnoticed are providing the world at large with incomplete research. Therefore, people now get enabled to live in a facade world, where no information is proper.

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