This study states that Respiratory syncytial infection (RSV) is a main source of serious intense respiratory contaminations in youngsters < 5 years old around the world, with the vast majority of the sickness trouble happening in creating countries.1 RSV is assessed to cause 33.8 million instances of lower respiratory parcel diseases (LRTI) and essentially 3.4 million hospitalizations globally.1 Studies have exhibited a huge weight of RSV in Kenya with a yearly RSV hospitalization rate assessed at 5 for each 1000 among kids < 5 years of age.2-6. A few RSV antibodies and immunoprophylaxis items focusing on youthful babies are being developed, and might be accessible inside the following not many years.7 However, the term of assurance of these items might be <6 months.8, 9 Therefore, understanding territorial RSV flow is important to direct the circumstance of clinical preliminaries and organization of items once authorized. 

Hence we conclude that the Information on RSV flow designs in Kenya are scanty, and past investigations have been restricted to a couple regions.10, 11 We depict RSV course over different seasons in three unmistakable provinces of Kenya during 2006-2018.

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