The study aimed to investigate the relationship between severity of allergic rhinitis and different allergen diagnostic tests in Dermatophagoides species-sensitized patients.

Study subjects included 65 rhinitis patients—50 with Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (DP) sensitization (DP+) and 15 DP−, and 15 DP+ and 37 DP− healthy controls (HCs) confirmed by allergen skin prick (SPT) and blood specific immunoglobulin E (sIgE) tests. The RQLQ was tested.

All rhinitis subjects had significantly higher VAS and NAR after DP-NPT than HCs. All DP+ rhinitis, 40% of DP− rhinitis subjects, 13.3% of DP+ HCs, and 0% of DP− HCs had positive DP-NPT. The dose of positive DP-NPT positively correlated with SPT diameter and sIgE level in all tested subjects. A score of RQLQ positively correlated with the quantity of DP-NPT, but not with SPT diameter and sIgE level in rhinitis patients.

The study concluded that although DP nasal provocation, skin prick wheel size, and blood sIgE level correlate, only nasal provocation testing is associated with the severity of nasal symptoms. It is suggested that NPT should be performed to verify a clinically relevant allergy.